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Oh no! The piano has lost its music! But a little girl wants to help the piano find it again. Together they set off on a magical adventure …

​They fly up out of the house and around the world — meeting dancing dinos, monks on scooters and a swooshy octopus! They play games and hunt down clues, and explore everything from Beethoven to boogie-woogie, but will they find music?  Can you help?




Ages 4+


I Piano makes children of us all, the same expression of awe across every child from 2 to 92 years old.’

Edinburgh Guide

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


‘A must-see for every parent and child.’

– Claire Daly, EdFringe audience review

What a complete joy and inspiration I Piano was today. Made us all, children and adults alike, remember that we are indeed music. Such innovation and talent in the company. It brought complete happiness to my heart and my soul. Thank you.’
– From an audience member in Crewkerne

‘The superb performances are perfectly combined, and every note seems to tell a story. I found the character of Zizi irresistible, and was immersed in the music and artwork. This is not only an audio-visual feast but an unforgettable parent-child experience.’

– Shanghai audience WeChat review

I Piano is a story about searching for music. We learn music is everywhere and grows in our bodies. It is a wonderful interactive theatrical experience of music, light and shadow.’

– Shanghai audience WeChat review

The night I watched I Piano I felt a little better at playing the piano. Let’s give it a try!

– Shanghai audience WeChat review

‘Music can be anything. Music is in you. Music is in your heart. I watched I Piano and then had the courage yesterday to talk face to face with Ning Feng [a celebrated violist] in a hotel lobby about Bach, Mozart, Paganini and others.’

– Shanghai audience WeChat review

My seven-year-old loved this show. Engaging tale, perfect for pre-schoolers and younger primary school kids – and the piano-playing was a real treat.’

– Bec McQuillan, EdFringe audience review

‘We are two Mums and we took our 4 kids aged 6-10 and they were all entranced and totally involved in the story – laughing out loud, shouting out answers, imitating actions and singing along … The kids left with an enhanced appreciation of the world of music. Highly recommend.’

– Meghan and Molly, EdFringe audience review

‘From a musical educator's perspective, this is a beautiful show … The story is appealing with lovely moments of audience participation and for the children to help tell the story and create the music … The shadow puppetry element was simply stunning. Breathtaking, detailed and magical.’

– James Hall, EdFringe audience review

A totally enchanting captivating show. Lots of audience participation which kept the children really engaged. Beautiful use of puppetry and of course the music was fabulous. Also the seats are made out of old pianos which was very cool. Ideal for age 3-8.’

– Kyla Cranmer, EdFringe audience review

‘Wonderful show! I went with my friends’ kids and we all loved it, kids and adults alike. A lovely story told with such energy, fantastic music and amazing puppetry. Highly recommended, 5 stars!’

– Alex Webb Allen, EdFringe audience review

‘Our grand children (ages 7, 4 & 2) loved the performance and insisted that we go back for more the next day. Because of the interactive improvisation each performance is unique. In addition to helping develop a love for music the show has a message of confident individuality. We highly recommend for its visual creativity, music quality and good humour.’

– Rodney Larson, EdFringe audience review

‘Great show in a great venue. Hand-made, beautiful and had my 6 year-old hooked. Haven’t seen him say “Wow!” so much at anything as much as he did here. Performers were great.’

– GM, EdFringe audience review

‘Fantastic show. My kids (4&9) loved it, it was magical, funny, and really inspiring for them to play music for themselves. For any child who likes music and especially for anyone learning to play.’

– Mor Kandlik Eltanani, EdFringe audience review

‘Just lovely … Clever, poignant, and hugely accessible. Both my 9 year old and my 6 year old loved it and both love the piano but struggle to keep practicing and find ‘their music’... this show has provided us with a shared story for finding your own piano voice and adventure … Like most really lovely heart felt art, it’s so simple but often magical.’

– Chris Mitchell, EdFringe audience review

‘We saw this delightful show today, the kids loved it and were totally engrossed from start to finish. It is a delightful mix of music, clever and beautiful shadow puppetry and enough audience interaction to keep wriggly children entertained. I enjoyed it as much as the kids!’

– Niamh Walshe, EdFringe audience review

‘What an absolute delight this show was! My 6 year old and his 5 year old pal and his big sister (8) loved the story of how the piano had lost its music, and the quest to find it again. Told with piano, movement and puppetry. A must-see for every parent and child who loves music, loves the sound of piano played beautifully, or loves the feelings and magic you get from music .... 5 stars!

– Claire Daly, EdFringe audience review

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