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I Piano is a children’s show that combines thrilling theatre with virtuoso piano playing, and spellbinding shadow puppetry with live audience interaction (see trailer and more).


There is tremendous interest in the piano, and music generally, among children, parents and educational bodies, which I Piano taps into in a unique way. The show breaks down barriers around classical and other kinds of music, and shatters negative stereotypes such as music-learning being boring, or all about meaningless drilling, ogreish teachers, etc. I Piano instead creates wholly new musical experiences for young audiences to discover the magic of the piano. Points of appeal include:

  • piano music (diverse range including classical, world, bluesey-boogie, improv. with audience and singalong)

  • shadow puppetry that animates the musical journey

  • universal story of music and friendship

  • suitable for all levels of musical experience and ability (ages 4+)

  • kids interact with music in ways they will never have imagined before

We believe there is a large potential audience for the show both in the UK and beyond. Suitable venues include theatres, schools and concert halls. Performances can be combined with workshops (featuring music and puppetry).

I Piano is designed for touring, with a cast of two and a portable set. It can play equally well in larger and smaller venues.


Technical rider available on request.

Contact: Adrian Hornsby,

Download the show pack.

Find out more about the show and the creative team.

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